Korean Language Program

The Korean Language Program is designed to improve international students’ comprehensive conversation skills in Korean that runs all the year round. Students are divided from Beginner to Advanced class based on their command of Korean language.

Korean language classes integrate all language skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing along with each separate respective skill based classes of speaking, listening, reading and writing. International students can enjoy studying Korean language and culture in a safe environment with a top-notch education system.



 Level Content of Education


Content of Education


Provide beginner level Korean language education to students studying   Korean for the first time.

Understanding Korean Alphabet, pronunciation, and spelling.

Learning basic grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure.

Using basic everyday expressions for basic-level communications.


Using adequate formality in diverse conversation situations.

Using and understanding paragraph-length conversations about familiar topics.

Engaging in everyday conversation with Koreans with deeper understanding of Koreanculture.

Being able to enunciate.


Talk fluently with Koreans about everyday topics.

Understanding news articles based on general knowledge in Korean colloquial expressions, proverbs, and abstract vocabulary.

Having little problem living in Korean-speaking environment and using public services.

Enhancing understanding of Korean culture through cultural expeditions, field trips,and so forth.



  2019 Schedule (11 weeks)


Tuition Fees

Course duration

1st semester

KRW 1,000,000

2019. 3. 4. ~ 2019. 5.17

2st semester

KRW 1,000,000

2019. 6.3. ~ 2019. 8. 16

3st semester

KRW 1,000,000

2019. 9. 2. ~ 2019.11. 15

4st semester

KRW 1,000,000

2019.11.30. ~ 2020. 2.14



 Schedule and Tuition(4 semester per 1 year)













1 semester

1,000,000 won

Monday to Friday


1,000,000 won


1,000,000 won


* The academic schedule is subject to change depending on our department's circumstances.

* Students regularly participate in a variety of cultural experiences.

* Study rooms are available to students.






Utility bill

Room Rate








 School Expenses




Tuition Fee

KRW 4,000,000

*For 1 year

* KRW 1,000,000(for 1 semester)


KRW 140,000

*For 1 year

* Insurance can be subject to change depending on age.

Dormitory Fee


KRW 1,560,000







* If students living outside of Korea only visit Korea to study, they should pay 1 year's school expenses (Except for students living in Korea).

* Students are required to submit tuition and dormitory expenses after issuing invoice.

Korean won Deposit in Korean won(KRW)

* Students are required to pay insurance after arriving in Korea. (Deposit in KRW)

* Terms and fees are subject to change.



 ■  Required Documents


Required Documents


Application Form

-Form 1 (with 3.5x4.5cm ID photo)

Self-introduction and Study Plan

-Form 2

High School Graduation Certificate

(or expected graduation certificate)

-Translated into Korean or English with notarial certificate

High School Transcripts

A copy of the family register of all members

- If the father and mother are not registered, a copy of their register must be submitted.

- If the father and mother are not registered, or if the student follows his or her mother's surname, the student must submit a certificate of kinship.

- If the parents divorced and do not live together, a copy of the parent's divorce is requested.

* Always matches the working address of the parents with proof of employment

A copy of every family member's identity card.


Certificate of parents’ employment and Certificate of income, copy of business license

-The name of the institution, person in charge, telephone number and company representative must be stated in the certificate of employment.

-If not a corporation, it is necessary to show proof of the institution (Code of the institution, business organization certificate)

-If parents are engaged in agriculture, they must submit a separate property certificate.

(e.g., motor vehicle, building, other property certificates)

Bank deposit records

- D2 visa : Certificates of deposit of an applicant or parent ($18,000 or more, for 6 months)

The D4 visa : Certificates of deposit of an applicant or parent ($9,000 or more, for 6months)

Photocopy of Passport


Certificate of Completion (or expected completion date) and Transcript from a Korean language institution from a Korean university

Only for applicants with Korean language

learning experience in Korea,

Photocopy of Foreign Registration Card

Only for applicants currently residing in Korea


 * All submitted documents should be original certificates and photo copies will only be accepted in extenuating circumstances. If an applicant acquires admission by using copied documents, he/she must submit the originals to Yeungjin University by the end of the final registration period.

* If original documents are in foreign languages other than English, applicants should submit the documents with their notarized translation in Korean or English. (E.g. High School Graduation Certificate (or expected graduation certificate), transcript, and etc)

* If documents are translated into Korean or English by an organization other than the document issuing authority or a translation agency, a certificate of translation should be submitted.

* The admission committee of YJU FLI may request additional documents for admission review.

* Submitted documents will not be returned to applicants. 






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